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                  Company Profile-銀河耐吉INHENERGY

                  dalouzhaopianquan0.84m.jpg 12.jpg

                  About Inhenergy

                  Inhenergy Co., Ltd., founded in 2019, is a holding subsidiary of the prestigious INHE Group. With a registered capital of RMB 50,000,000, Inhenergy focus all efforts on R&D, production, sales, and post-sales services of PV storage inverter & software system. Honorably, Inhenergy was awarded the National High-tech Enterprise.
                  The core R&D team of Inhenergy comes from top tier companies in the solar power industry, and on average have more than 10 years of relevant experience. With multiple national patents granted, Inhenergy team has developed more than 20 series of hybrid & grid-connected inverters covering 3-80kW, of which are well used in more than 10 countries/regions globally.
                  Based in the Greater Bay Area of China, Inhenergy built a massive Industrial Park of 45,000㎡ in Zhuhai High-tech Zone with high-grade R&D Center, Electrical Lab, Massive Manufacturing Center, and passed through ISO9001. Inhenergy has strict inspection and control process for IQC, manufacturing process and OQC. Furthermore, Inhenergy owns high-speed SMT lines as well as high-end automation lines for online aging, testing & handling.

                  INHE Industrial Panorama


                  Demand side

                  INHEMETER: Smart metering solution  

                  Distribution side

                  INHEGRID: Smart power distribution solution    

                  Demand side

                  WITLINK:Communication solution and system integration service    

                  Generation side

                  INHENERGY: PV inverters and energy storage solution

                  INHENERGY STRENGTH

                  • fangwudianchi-618.png
                    1.2 GW

                    GW Cumulative Shipments

                  • gongsijieshaoyoushishuju6-964.png

                    Units Production Capacity Per Year

                  • diqiudalou.png

                    Manufacturing Base

                  • gongsijieshaoyoushishujuTop3.png

                    Years Experience In Power Distribution

                  • gongsijieshaoyoushishuju50-438.png

                    R&D Expense/Total Revenue

                  GLOBAL LAYOUT



                  • .png
                  • 1.2.png
                  • naijilingtanxianfeng.png

                  DEVELOPMENT PATH

                  • 2009-2010
                  • 2011
                  • 2012
                  • 2013
                  • 2014
                  • 2015
                  • 2016
                  • 2017
                  • 2018
                  • 2019
                  • 2020
                  • 2021
                  • 2022
                    • INHE was established.
                    • The first generation of smart meters was certified by STS and received large-scale orders.
                    • The INHE Industrial Park first-phase construction project was launched and put into production in the same year.
                    • INHE was recognized as a National High-tech Enterprise.
                    • INHEMETER was recognized as a National High-tech Enterprise.
                    • Smart meters were certified by DLMS.
                    • Invest 110 million RMB to build the headquarter of INHE Group.
                    • INHE entered the supplier list of french clients.
                    • Smart meters were certified by MID.
                    • IP68 DIN III energy meter was promoted to the market.
                    • Set up WITLINK and INHEMETER AFRICA.
                    • INHE ranked 1st in the China electrical instruments & metering exportation.
                    • INHEMETER was named as intelligent Manufacturing Pilot Model Enterprise in Jiangxi Province.
                    • INHE ranked 2nd in the China electrical instruments & metering exportation.
                    • Set up INHEGRID to enter the field of smart distribution.
                    • INHE ranked 2nd in the China electrical instruments & metering exportation.
                    • INHENERGY was established to lay out the photovoltaic new energy industry.
                    • Launched SI-5~8-S, SI 20~33K, and SI 50~80K.
                    • INHE Won the SGCC bid for the first time.
                    • SI 10~22K was launched.
                    • SI-1~10K-S2 and SI 4~30K-T2 were launched.
                    • A new base in Zhuhai was completed as scheduled.
                    • SI-33~60K-T2 and HI-3~6K-Sl were launched.
                    • INHE Electric Power Research Institute in Zhuhai was successfully capped.


                  Get industrial insights and INHENERGY news here.

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